LuLaRoe Bot Party
New Customers. More Sales.
In Just 3 Hours.
You most likely started selling LuLaRoe because you loved the product, and you loved the look on the faces of other women when they got their hands on a their favorite new piece. 

These clothes are not only comfortable and chic, they have the power to turn a day around. To literally change someone's life. 

We know that it can feel like the market is saturated. Honestly, that could not be farther from the truth!

There are so many people who still have NO CLUE about this amazing clothing line and the community you are building.

We supported hundreds of LuLaRoe consultants in bringing in new customers, and majorly increasing their sales! Like, doubling and tripping their monthly sales.

Let us help you to do the same by walking you through all that it takes to easily build your own chatbot!

  •  Quick: By the end of this workshop you'll have your whole streamlined Messenger Bot up and running!
  • Powerful: Bots are brining in new customers for our clients at a rapid pace! It might be hard to keep up with all of your new business!
  • Proven: We have helped 100s of LuLaRoe consultants to build messenger bots that convert! We can't wait to give you the same secrets!
Are you ready? 
Build Your Own Customer Attraction Machine
Feel like people aren't seeing your posts in your group? Are your live sales dwindling? It's most likely because your customers don't know where to find you! 

If you are emailing your customers, that is a start, but most emails get a 20% open rate. So, if they never read your email... who cares! 

Messenger bots have an open rate of 80-90%  that alone is a GAME CHANGER 
 Step #1: Build Your Core Foundations
 Step #2: Bring in Customers on Auto Pilot
 Step #3: Follow Up with Templates Specific to LLR
This is a brand new way to learn how to build a bot, because we've chunked it down into small steps that will be easy to implement and you'll be able to ask questions every step of the way. 

You'll also receive templates that will support you in using these strategies again and again! 

The actual training will happen on July 6th at 2pm PST, and you'll have lifetime access to the replay! 
Plus, The Bonuses Below 
AND Lifetime Access to the Training!
Bonus #1: 
1 Month of Support 
in a new Private 
Facebook Group
Bonus #2: 
Messenger Bot Facebook Ads Blueprint
Bonus #3:
Tips and Tricks for Creating Powerful Gifs and Images
Register NOW!
For Only $97
(This is Early Bird Pricing)

See you there! 
P.S. As you may know, building a bot can be complicated and time consuming, and it's a larger investment to have someone build it for you.

Soooo, we have narrowed in on the simplest version of a bot that is perfect for bringing in more customers and bringing your old customers back for more.

We want to show you exactly how to build this bot, so are planning an ONLINE BOT PARTY!
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